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Elephant Tales

Elephant babies on safari

By 22nd Nov 2010 No Comments

It is always much more exciting when the calves go with us on a walk, especially in the mornings when they’re literally bursting with energy.

As the videographer, it’s a never-ending challenge to avoid being chased, pushed over or slapped by a trunk. And I’m not talking about the adults (who are all the epitome of decorum) when I say this.

I’m referring to our incredibly playful ‘creche troop’.

Quite often I’ll be on the verge of capturing the perfect ‘Kodak moment’ of the guests as they ride past on the elephants, only to be thwarted by one of the calves trying to take the camera out of my hands. So instead of my award winning shot, I end up with a close-up of a muddy trunk instead.

And when little Mambo comes out with us, things get even more amusing than usual.

His favourite game is to charge at me with his ears wide open, sometimes adding a loud trumpet for extra effect. He’s convinced that he’s the scariest elephant that there ever was, but his antics are actually quite entertaining.

Klaserie is another of our hooligans. The other day I was standing next to the dry riverbed waiting for the elephants to come down the hill, so that I could get some photos of them as they walked past. I noticed Klaserie heading down the hill – and straight towards me – at a rapid clip, and showing no signs of slowing down either.

Fortunately I was standing right next to a big tree, which I jumped behind in the nick of time.

Being the ‘naughty pants’ that they are, these not-so-little guys always give us plenty to laugh about after the each walk

Elephant greetings,

Nerise Bekker 😉

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