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Dustup at the waterhole!

By 1st Sep 2016 No Comments

Life at Camp Jabulani can be very exciting indeed, as our MD, Adine Roode, experienced first-hand recently! And, in a not-too-surprising twist, it was once again Lundi that took on the challenge…

Adine went walking with the Camp Jabulani elephants, and decided to check whether the rhinos and buffaloes were still chilling at the watering hole, where rangers had seen them earlier.

Unaware that the Camp Jabulani elephants had decided to follow her, she walked about 50m closer to the watering hole – and realised that fresh feed had been put out for the game on Kapama, which had lured the buffalo and rhino even closer to the route she was taking.

Up stepped Lundi, deciding that sharing is definitely not caring and chasing the buffalo away! In the meantime, the other elephants starting munching the feed, all relaxed, leaving Lundi to make noise and kick up dust. She definitely won the “who’s the noisiest of them all?” award that day! Lundi might not be the matriarch (that’s Tokwe) or the biggest female elephant (that’s Setombe), in the herd, but she did her job well and all the elephants had a mouthful of grass without much effort.

However, all good things come to an end: the feed wasn’t meant for the Camp Jabulani elephants, as they already get fed, and need to get some natural feeding time in during the very dry season.

The handlers called them back, and they returned to their swimming spot.

Fishan tried to stay with Adine, though, following her when she tried to take a different route back to her car. She ended up having to walk the whole way back towards feeding area near the watering hole.

Exciting experience indeed!

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