Our Jabulani herd

The Jabulani herd presents a unique opportunity to help orphaned elephants in South Africa. Our unusual and unexpected twenty-year journey in elephant conservation has fortuitously given hope and paved the way for a blueprint in caring for orphaned elephants in South Africa, a measure necessitated by the increase in elephant poaching. The Jabulani herd now presents a rare opportunity for future orphaned elephants, once they have been nurtured through the crucial first two to three years. Initially, they would be cared for in a separate location, at HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development), an orphanage alongside the herd’s homestead. During these delicate early years, the calves need round the clock human care, with frequent feedings of specialised milk formula and a lot of love and undivided attention. Once their day consists of fewer milk feedings and more foraging for grass and leaves, we would introduce them to their new family in waiting, the Jabulani herd.