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Christmas Cuisine: Marie biscuit fridge tart-Dylan Frost

By 28th Nov 2017 One Comment

Christmas is always one of those special times of year when family gets together to enjoy a magnificent feast. When I think about Christmas, I always remember the smell of Gammon and orange glazed Duck or Turkey being roasted in the oven. These are aromas of happiness and love. To top everything off, there will always be that one dish that brings it all together: the pudding.
Every Christmas, this dish known to me as Oupa’s pudding (gets its name from my father’s father, who used to make this dish for them every Christmas after my Ouma made it for him the one year) has been made and is a family favourite. I don’t think I have ever been to a family Christmas lunch and not had this delicious dessert.

This dessert is most probably the one thing that I always look forward to when it comes to Christmas. It is rich and creamy and the best part is, it is simple to make. I am not one for sweet desserts or even desserts for that matter, but this is most probably the only dessert that I will over indulge with as it is really fun. The sweetness of the caramel and the richness of the cream just leaves you wanting more.

Eventually you sit with your pants button undone and you have to roll to the car to get home again – all the while reminiscing about this delicious desert. The thing about this dessert is you can never have too much, but you can almost never have enough.

The saddest part to this dessert is, once you have had it, you know that the lunch is over, and the long drive home is on its way. This is always a sad part to any holiday but, I hope this dessert helps to ease your sorrow and that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Marie biscuit and caramel fridge tart
2 packets Marie biscuits
1L full fat cream
3 tins caramel treat
1 bottle macerated cherries
1 pepper mint crisp chocolate slab



  1. Spread thick layers of caramel on the Marie biscuits and layer the Marie biscuit in a deep glass bowl. For every layer of Marie biscuits, you need to pour the cream over until the dish is full.
  2. Whip some cream to a firm consistency to peak and pipe on top of the tart.
  3. Place the macerated cherries on the tart in the position of your choosing
  4. Grate the pepper mint crisp chocolate over the tart and place in the fridge, allow to cool and set over night.


Best served cooled on the day after being made.
Remember that on Christmas you shouldn’t be worrying about your diet, so prepare to dig in and over indulge as much as possible.
If you crush each layer of Marie biscuits before you add the cream you create more space to add extra filling

Dylan Frost is the Executive Chef at Camp Jabulani.

To get to know him better, click through to these fun facts about him:

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