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‘Cheeky’ hippo calf, by Ranger Chané Jacobs

By 27th Nov 2015 One Comment

This large buffalo bull, otherwise known as a ‘dagga boy’, approached the river to quench his thirst following the soaring temperatures typical of the lowveld on a hot summer’s day.

As he neared the water’s edge, a resident pod of hippos made their presence known by continuously grunting and groaning. Unperturbed, the buffalo found a spot and sat himself down, as he casually continued to chew his cud.

A courageous hippo calf kept moving closer and closer, until he finally walked out of the water and straight up to the buffalo. He gave him a few sniffs, but the buffalo remained unmoved. The young hippo widely opened his mouth, as a way of proving his dominance, but ended up displaying nothing but toothless gums. Meanwhile, the composed buffalo swooshed his tail to swat away persistent flies. It was at this moment that the little hippo splashed into the water as he raced to safety towards his mom. The ‘cheeky’ little chap was obviously scared to death by the unexpected reaction. We doubt he will ever be this nervy with any bovine or other Kapama Game Reserve wildlife again.

One Comment

  • Diana says:

    This little hippo brought back the special memories of Jubilani when he was young and learning his place in the world. Thank you for sharing this event so well.

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