Carl’s demanding dinner guests

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Carl feeds a Crested francolin

Did you know that Carl Olen is an avid birdwatcher? His knowledge of birds is incredible. While doing admin and spending time in the office at Camp Jabulani, he adopted some Crested francolins. These are his ‘children’, and visit him daily for their helping of birdseed.

A brave bird comes up really close

The story of the Crested francolins began when Carl and his wife, Elsie put a bowl of water out for the birds. Then they began to put out birdseed, and among all the visiting birds, the Crested francolins were the most devoted guests at feeding time. One day, the birdseed had been left off the shopping list, and ran out. The francolins were a bit annoyed the next time feeding time came around, and started irately pecking on the glass door. When this didn’t get the desired result, they came into the office in search of their meal! That is the last time that the birdseed was forgotten!

The birds have become so tame that they feed right out of Carl’s hand…

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