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We participated in the Rhino Warrior Challenge race

By 26th Jun 2017 One Comment

The majestic African white and black rhino have long been admired as magnificent relics of a prehistoric time. Unfortunately, this mammoth animal has been almost driven into extinction due to intensive poaching, with its horn fetching millions of rands in the Asian market. To take a stand against rhino poaching, and to help raise awareness of the plight faced by these endangered species, the Camp Jabulani team recently entered the ‘Rhino Warrior Challenge‘.

The race was held on 16 June in Hoedspruit, Limpopo. Team Timisa (elephant keepers Owen, Samson, Kevin 1 and Kevin 2) and Team Jabulani (Safari Manager Schalk, Head Ranger Craig, Executive Chef Dylan and Head Chef Alex) made up the two Camp Jabulani teams. The ladies from the marketing department took on a cheerleading role.

In the week preceding the event, one could sense the excitement buzzing around the lodge as the two teams prepared for the big day – they trained every day, before and after work. The time finally came to put all that hard work to the test. The siren blared, and the two teams were off in the blink of an eye!

Mud and muscle were the name of the game as the two teams powered through the challenging obstacle course. There was nothing easy about this one, but that didn’t stop our boys from tearing through the race in record-breaking time (and having an absolute blast along the way).

Team Timisa came in third place, only two minutes off from the record time set by the Pro-track team (they practice on these obstacle courses daily as part of their job training). Team Timisa really kicked up some good Lowveld dust, and showed the town what our elephant keepers are made of while Head Ranger, Craig, won the most supportive team member prize. We are extremely proud of our boys and the spirit they displayed throughout the day.

The fundraiser was a huge success, with more than 40 teams turning up to compete. All proceeds from the race went to ProTrack, Hoedspruit’s anti-poaching unit dedicated to the fight to protect our beloved rhinos.


It was all fun and laughs after the event as our teams reflected on the funniest and most inspiring moments of the race, while soothing their sore bodies and throbbing bruises with some very welcome ice. We are so proud to have been associated with this amazing event for such a good cause.

Well done to our teams and cheerleaders!

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