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From the Kitchen

Camp Jabulani and the local produce

By 25th Apr 2018 One Comment

Indulging in a rooibos tea infused crème caramel with spun sugar, vanilla bean panna cotta orange segments, oat and coconut crumble and cured orange zest, ends a usual extravagant dinner. Sourcing the local produce for the creation of Camp Jabulani’s ostentatious dinners are tasks that require a little more resilience, but various suppliers offer a list of exotic and different varieties of produce. Only offering the best ingredients and presenting Camp Jabulani “on-request basis”, suppliers such as, Cavalieri Cheese, Hlokomela Herb Garden, Paston Butchery, Lions Den and Lebabma have a close association with the lodge.

Being in the bush, Camp Jabulani does not have the usual pickings of a typical Relais & Chataux establishment. Suppliers such as Hlokomela Herb Garden, however, is one of the best in the business with some of the finest herbs and salad leaves (and making the best lavender syrup when in season).

Their excellent service and ingredients are some of the reasons Hlokomela Herb Garden are preferred, but their social investment is an equally notable accolade. They have an HIV / AIDS educational and treatment programme that focuses on healthcare, income development projects and administration. These efforts made by Hlokomela in educating the public is greatly admired by Camp Jabulani.

Camp Jabulani further supports their local farmers, butchers and suppliers. This does not go unnoticed and Camp Jabulani is mindful of the long-term effect that it may have. Environmental growth is closely linked to economic growth and as time progresses it can have a trajectory of immense positivity.  “Environmental quality can increase with growth. Increased incomes, for example, provide the resources for public services such as sanitation and rural electricity.” Job opportunities and community awareness are other benefits measured within the community.


The urbane and office jobs might have taken the better of us all, from this position we can still make decisions that impact the planet and our community. The office, has presented us with a magic wand which is in many cases an economic strength. Who do we support? Do we support the local farmer or the butcher? As part of #EarthDay Camp Jabulani has highlighted its support of all local foundations. Together with this, is the ever-important wildlife conservation which has always been the quest of Camp Jabulani.

Why not join in? Why not think #EarthDay?



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