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An opportunistic African rock python

By 26th Nov 2010 2 Comments

It’s pretty obvious that birds nest in trees for their own safety, as well as for their eggs. So if they build their nest in a thorn tree their safety is guaranteed right?


One morning we heard the birds making a huge racket outside the office. When we went to investigate further we found a young African rock python inching its way down the branch of a Knob-thorn tree towards the weaver nest hanging at the end of it.

Pythons are known to be opportunistic, but this was really pushing the envelope. The branch was precariously thin, and bending under the weight of the snake.

At the last minute the ‘chancer’ decided that it was not worth the risk, and slowly made its way back towards the thicker branches.

Visibly relieved, the birds then went about their day.

Until next time

Stefan 😉


  • Beth Misner says:

    Stefan, thanks for sharing this photo…you know how much I love the snakes! But I love the birds, too, so I am glad he decided to call off this hunt…
    Beth and Ivan

  • Hey Beth. I’ll pass on your comment to Stefan. Have a great day! 😉

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