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An incredible photoshoot, by ranger Andre de Jager

By 26th Feb 2016 No Comments

On a morning game drive with my guests, we came upon an often mysterious animal. Leopards are notoriously hard to spot and our initial sighting was only a quick glimpse of gold and black spots in the bush.

After a while, what we knew to be a male leopard moved into a storm drainage pipe that was positioned under the road, and that was the last we saw of him.

Later in the day, once the morning drive had concluded, we thought it was a good idea to visit the place where the leopard was last seen.


Accompanied by Chané Jacobs and Ryan Bates, we made it our mission to locate and document the leopard. After a short time we found him sleeping inside a second storm drainage pipe. After assessing his behaviour (to ensure we did not disturb or irritate him) we stayed for a while and simply enjoyed the view.

The leopard seemed to enjoy the attention, as he would wonder out of the pipe and back into the shade again, over and over. Eventually he disappeared into the thicket, leaving a vivid impression in our minds, and on our cameras.

What a treat and privilege it is to call this my job

André de Jager

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