Alfresco Therapy Lapa

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Camp Jabulani Therapy Lapa

Camp Jabulani’s Alfresco Therapy Lapa


Camp Jabulani’s Therapy Lapa lies tucked within the dense foliage of the reserve. “Absolutely Natural and Absolutely Pure” finds no better expression than in an environment as exquisite as this. Whether your product of choice is a blend of natural aromatic oils, or something more extravagant from distant shores, our treatments promise to relax and rejuvenate in equal measure. And in winter, when the thought of alfresco leaves you shivering in anticipation, our trained therapists will treat you in the comfort of your suite in front of a blazing fire.

The Therapy Lapa has a wide range of body treatments, natural wraps, skin-care treatments and hand & foot treatments to choose from. Click here to download a detailed menu of what’s on offer.

We recently introduced a new range of restorative treatments called RégimA. This unique range of skin rejuvenation and treatment products has been created to assist with the premature ageing of the skin, caused by free radicals and toxins associated with modern living. RégimA selects the finest ingredients from Europe and combines them with some of the world’s most powerful medicinal plants, which are also indigenous to Southern Africa.

Camp Jabulani invites guests to experience these indulgent ‘rejuvenate’ and ‘restorative’ RégimA treatments at a cost of R400 an hour.

‘New Jabulani Dynamix Hydrating Treatment’ uses hydrating and myo-relaxing ingredients to achieve super suppleness and elasticity and provides relaxing benefits of the Ultra Lite massage while Botox like marine extracts diminish fine expression lines providing an instant lift.

The ‘PISA’S New Generation Purifying Treatment‘ incorporates gentle cleansing, exfoliating and antiseptic action together with sebum controllers and natural marine extract. The results are in clarity, smoothness and inflammation control.

The ‘Kumbura’s Anti-Ageing Treatment’ consists of exclusive Amazon properties which are responsible for anti-ageing resulting in a younger you. The anti-oxidants protect and nourish skin against free radicals leaving it feeling velvety soft with firmed and restored elasticity.

Sea Collagen Detoxifying Treatment is rich in mineral salts and promotes toxin elimination to ensure more protection to your skin. This treatment will draw excess oils from the skin while mineralising at the same time.

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