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A very special gift from the artist Patrick Mavros

By 18th Sep 2017 No Comments

Most people who meet me, do at some stage comment about the elephant necklace I’m wearing. They mostly want to know whom it depicts and where I got it? It is an interesting story, which I’m always happy to share.

Some years ago, my friend Nina Wennerstein introduced me to the jeweller Patrick Mavros, and asked him to make a sculpture of one of the Camp Jabulani elephants for me. I sent him pictures of the elephants, from which he decided to sculpt Jabulani – who at the time was still very young. Unfortunately, we lost contact before he could send the finished product to me, and I never got to see it.

Then out of the blue one day I was contacted by Jessica Holland, Patrick’s representative in South Africa, to discuss placing some of his artwork in our gallery. Through her I got to connect with Patrick again!

Jessica arranged with Patrick, who is based in Zimbabwe, to send the elephant sculpture he had done with his next shipment to South Africa. It was a very pleasant surprise to receive the beautifully crafted silver Jabulani sculpture, with his name engraved on the belly. It surpassed all my expectations and I absolutely adore it! The Camp Jabulani curio shop also has a magnificent elephant sculpture by Patrick available to purchase – next time you visit don’t forget to ask about it!
In addition to the sculpture, Patrick also crafted a beautiful Jabulani necklace for me. I’m seldom without it and because everyone is so interested, we’ve decided to make similar necklaces available for sale. Anyone who would like to see a picture of the necklace and would like to place an order can contact Julia on curioshop@campjabulani.com

About Patrick Mavros

Patrick Mavros is an incurable storyteller and a full-blooded bon vivant as well as a master sculptor. Born and raised in Matabeleland (the wild, western province of Zimbabwe), the young Patrick developed a deep affinity for its wildlife, particularly the birds of prey. Like many an artist before him, he strove to capture the form and essence of the birds and animals on paper – as evidenced by his boyhood sketchpads.

Patrick, newlywed and wanting to give his wife, Catja, an original and personal gift, he carved a pair of earrings in the form of roses, her favourite flower. Catja was not the only one delighted with the earrings – soon Patrick was inundated with requests from friends for similar pairs to be created. And so, it all began.

Mavros developed his own unique sculpting technique, using innate artistic skills and his acute eye for detail and essence. The more he worked, the more he was inspired to try more ambitious subjects. He experimented with various tools and materials, and, with the encouragement of his wife and family, was soon involved in his own full-time business.

As the Mavros reputation grew, so did his range; after twenty-five years it comprises over 450 individual items from – literally – ants to elephants. Each of these creations has its own unique story, adding considerably to its charm and ultimately, value.

Even though it took years to finally receive the sterling (pun intended) Jabulani sculpture, it was definitely worth the wait. I cannot thank Patrick enough for this.

Camp Jabulani MD,
Adine Roode

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