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Ranger's Journal

A kill of a different kind

By 27th Oct 2011 No Comments

One of the most frequent requests we get on drive is to find a kill as it’s happening. Being in the right place at the right time can prove challenging, but we always do our best to ensure our guests leave here having experienced the full ‘safari enchilada’.

A little while ago we returned to the lodge exhausted after sitting in the hot morning sun for the better part of two hours, while waiting patiently for some lions to make their move on a herd of waterbuck. In the end the lazy cats decided that it was too hot to chase after the buck, and moved off into some nearby shade for a snooze instead.

We reluctantly gave up our ‘chase’, but we also knew that on such a hot day they more than likely wouldn’t move again for quite some time. The plan was therefore to head back out to the lions in the early evening, when the cool air would hopefully have made them more active.

Little did we know the surprise we were in for when we got back.

On returning to the lodge we were met by a very different kill. Just as we were leaving our vehicle, we caught sight of a Spotted bush snake with its eye on a fat Side-striped skink. Blissfully unaware of its impending doom, the skink basked happily in the sun. Before it even realised what was going on the, the snake had grabbed it from behind. The skink fought valiantly for its life, while the snake in turn struggled to keep a hold of its prey. In the end the snake emerged victorious, and slowly began swallowing the hearty meal.

It took about 45 minutes before the last part of the skink’s tail finally disappeared down the snake’s throat.  The stuffed snake then moved off into a nearby tree to digest its meal in the hot morning sun.

See you on drive,
The Camp Jabulani Rangers 😉

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