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From the Kitchen

5 tips for cooking meat, by chefs Dylan and Ben

By 22nd Aug 2014 No Comments

We caught up with our resident chefs, Dylan and Ben, who shared their tips for preparing meat. This is one for the carnivores among us!

  1. Let your meat rest for half the amount of time that it was cooked for. If you cooked your beef fillet for 6 minutes, allow it to rest for 3 minutes before cutting. This seals in all the juices.
  2. When cooking with meats that are either braised or roasted, make sure that you have sufficient fat (like butter or bacon), to ensure optimal flavour and tenderness.
  3. Soaking your meat overnight in buttermilk will make it softer, as well as enhancing flavour. For even more flavour, add garlic and thyme to the buttermilk marinade.
  4. Rolling your venison loin in cling film will ensure that it keeps a nice even shape.
  5. Want crunchy pork crackling? Before cooking, remove the skin off the pork and with a sharp knife, lightly score it. Rub coarse salt into it, and allow it to stand overnight. The following day, the skin will be ready to place in a tray and cook in a hot oven. This should give you a nice light and crispy crackling.

Bon appetite!




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