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FIFA World Cup 2010 kick-off at Camp Jabulani

By 11th Jun 2010 2 Comments


Footage Courtesy of Univision 34 (MontCommunication)

In honour of the start of the FIFA World Cup 2010, Camp Jabulani held its own kick-off at its lodge on the Kapama Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga. All who attended were blown away by the herd’s incredible ball skills.

The game between the elephants and their grooms was fairly evenly matched, with each team having scored a goal by halftime. The second half was a different matter altogether however, with things heating up considerably once the elephants resorted to using their trunks to pass the ball.

Red cards were in abundance, but this did nothing to quell the unruly herd’s team spirit.

Final score: Grooms 1 / Elephants 48.


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