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Wildlife safari for the family

Imagine smelling sweet clean air while staring at the most incredible peach-kissed sunrise. Watching lions greet the morning with regal roars while hyenas laugh it off in the background. Dozens of antelope tread softly with ears pricked, whilst watching intently for any sudden movements and in a dash, they disappear into the bush.


To go on safari means to go on a journey in Swahili – who wouldn’t want to venture here, to Camp Jabulani?

Planning a family holiday is especially fun if you can plan it together, knowing that the lodge you visit is remarkably set out for young and old to enjoy:

The Zindoga Villa was created for this purpose specifically – the family. Luscious bedrooms overlooking the African bushveld with room to spare give a true sense of “journey”.  Animals like plovers and nyalas seek for food amongst these bushes, while local African birdlife provide beautiful background audio.


Many people will contemplate and wonder about the viability of such a holiday that includes children. Are there things for my children to enjoy? The answer in short is a most definite yes. They will enjoy all of Camp Jabulani!

The Team Tusker program will ensure to keep the children occupied and entertained. Skilled rangers have the chance to teach the children about wildlife, including various bird species, during games and walks around the lodge. Elephant interactions  are another item on the list which proves to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Children are taught about the physical attributes that make an elephant… well, an elephant. Digestive systems, trunks, their wonderfully big feet – which seem to tread remarkably big footsteps in your heart – even their tails, are all topics of discussion.

Other activities include fishing, tracking,bokdrolspoeg” (the sport of spitting dried antelope droppings), archery and painting. Each experience is crafted around a specific family and may include (or exclude) any of these activities.


While the kids are being entertained the grown-ups have the leisure time to relax in beautifully furnished rooms, read a book by their private splashpool, utilize the gym and sauna or enjoy one of the many spa treatments available from Camp Jabulani therapy lapa.

On holiday everyone enjoys a well-deserved plate of food. Besides being a Relais & Chateaux  accredited lodge, the chefs at Camp Jabulani are able to create food to suite the tingling of everyone’s taste buds. Boxes of food can be pre-packed for an early morning safari, with only the best cuisine.

It is only normal to expect people from around the globe to have different likes and dislikes. South Africans have a thing for the sweet but, “The Latvians have a thing for cheese” Chef Alex recently commented. Opposed to serving the decadently sweet desserts that Chef Alex normally does, it was requested that he replace that with various cheese plates. And oh he did!


Having a family orientated safari is focussed on bringing family together, but also looking to the future and taking the time to invest in it. It was once said that, “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” (Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist )

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  • Farhan says:

    “I will watch animals, I’ll watch cheetah, I’ll watch lion, I’ll watch antelope anytime, I’ll watch cheetahs anytime, I’ll watch giraffes anytime because, at least, they’ll tell me how to hunt, how to get your goal, how to avoid being eaten. I’ll learn that from the antelope.

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