Take part in a working day at Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, and experience a day in the life of the animal curators.

A private tour of HESC is always offered to Jabulani’s guests, but many have expressed the desire for a more interactive and participative behind the scenes experience.  Being a volunteer for a day, you will have the opportunity to pull your safari sleeves up and get your hands and elbows dirty for conservation.

An exciting programme was created for a day experience at an additional fee of R5000 per person per day, which goes towards HESC’s daily costs and care of the wildlife at the centre.

Read about a sample Itinerary of a day volunteering at HESC

  • Enjoy an early breakfast before departure at 06h30
  • Arrival at the HESC is at 07h00
  • After an introduction to the Centre General Manager, and a brief orientation of the facilities and the activities planned for the day ahead, it is time to head over to the butchery
  • Participants will be “hands-on” in the butchery as they assist in preparing the food for the cheetahs, wild dogs, and vultures: 08h00 – 09h00
  • The curator will then guide participants through the process of actively feeding the cheetahs, wild dogs and vultures
  • It is then time to assist in the preparation of food for the smaller cat species, and any cubs that may be resident at the Centre at the time
  • The next hour or so are spent feeding these smaller animals
  • Assisting with the clearing and cleaning of the animals’ feeding areas once complete.
  • Before heading back to Jabulani, guests have an opportunity to ask any questions about their experience at HESC, and the daily operations, with our HESC management team.

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre at an additional charge of R5000-00 per person per day (subject to availability).

Click here for more information about the Pioneer for Change Programme.

We recommend guests stay a minimum of 2 -3 nights if doing this programme to ensure they still make the most of the Jabulani experience during their stay too.