Jabulani guests have the opportunity of a private VIP tour of The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC), where the journey of Jabulani began so many years ago.

Your Jabulani ranger will be your private guide through the centre that they know very well, as several of them, as well as our general managers Stefan and Chantel, started their careers with us at HESC.

The tour will touch on the incredible history of the 30-year existence of HESC and entails a two-hour guided tour to see the various animals in their care.

HESC remains one of South Africa’s most respected and successful cheetah breeding facilities, and one of only two in South Africa that is CITES accredited. The centre is also home to King Cheetahs, of which only an estimated 70 are left in the world. Many of our guests have chosen to adopt a cheetah, something that you will learn more about during the tour.

HESC’s well known Rescued Rhino project has resulted in groundbreaking research into the care of rhinos that have survived poaching ordeals. Many orphaned rhino calves have also found refuge and rehabilitation at the centre.

Orphaned elephants that come into our care are hand-reared at HESC with around the clock care provided by our experienced Jabulani carers Joshua, Stavros, Israel, Simba and Herman, assisted by the HESC curators and team of staff. Once we feel the elephants are sufficiently rehabilitated, they are introduced to the Jabulani herd that has a commendable history of accepting orphaned elephants.

Other species that you will learn about on your tour include African wild dogs, vultures, lions, leopard, southern ground hornbills, blue cranes, serval cats and more. Don’t miss out on this fascinating experience.