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Tripadvisor feedback that makes us smile

We love it when our guests speak!
There is no other lodge that could deliver a better experience than Camp Jabulani. And believe me: I know what I am talking about since it is not my first time on a safari lodge. And the more you learn about the history behind the lodge, the more you love everything about it. This family-owned lodge was built around Jabulani, the elephant that you will certainly meet when staying at the lodge (see the full story about Jabulani ).
The elephants are actually an important part of the lodge and the beautiful story about the way they take care of these Gentle Giants. Although they have the elephants interacting with humans, they never advocate removing an elephant from natural habitat for the purpose of training or entertainment. But it is important to say that animals which have been reared by human hands are seldom able to integrate back in the wild. So, they found themselves with a herd of elephants (including Jabulani, the orphaned baby, and the Zimbabwean elephants). They could not turn them away or release them into the wild. So they did the only thing possible, and created a self-sustaining environment which would enable them to meet the massive costs of their care. And this is only part of the story!
Once you are staying there, surrounded by this atmosphere of loving and caring, you really understand why the experience, as a whole, is something really unique and unforgettable. As taking care of the animals and the constant efforts to protect the wildlife was not enough reasons for choosing this lodge among the hundreds of options available, here comes something that really makes my decision easier: it is a Relais & Chateaux property! Can you imagine the very fine Relais & Chateaux style in the middle of the African bush? Is it mind blowing!
All the luxury amenities you can expect, the marvelous cuisine and the superb kindness and attention of the spa creates an experience that is difficult to describe. It is a ‘must’ on the list if you are planning to visit South Africa for a safari experience. All the rooms are fantastic, with a private plunge pool and a large balcony where you can set up a beautiful and romantic dinner or just relaxing.
Choose the Zindoga Villa if you are traveling with family or friends – the villa size is massive with all the comfort and space and privacy! All the suites are great, don’t have to worry about choosing ‘a good room’ in terms of location- all are great rooms!
The lodge has a lot of activities, so I recommend to stay for at least 3-4 nights to have enough time to enjoy the entire experience – from the accommodation, cuisine, spa and service to the amazing wildlife waiting for you to jump on the jeep and go there to explore!
The game drives were also fantastic and on a single afternoon, we saw rhinos and lions (on the same spot), giraffes, buffalos, elephants… You name it! We saw a lot of animals and the experience was truly unforgettable – so special that I HAD to share here with you!
Ask for Obert to give you the personalized care and attention – he was our butler during our stay and took care of everything! If you meet Pretty – one of the Spa therapists – don’t miss the chance of being massaged by her! She is the best!”

From: FlaviaMaxim0 – 27 May 2016

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