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The Serval Release at Jabulani

By 11th Apr 2018 One Comment

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) recently released two sibling servals onto Kapama Game Reserve, near Jabulani.

The rescued little babies were reared at the centre with the aim to release, once they are fit.

Jabulani and team are pleased to say that their release was successful.

Simon, as he is called, tends to stay around Jabulani. Noticing a few daring stalks and chases with some ending in substantial meals and others where practice is most definitely needed. The second male, Alvin, is more of a “nomad” and only comes by for a quick ‘Hello’ every now and then.


Simon has been the centre of attention at the lodge amongst staff and guests. Although human contact is minimalised, it seems a quick back scratch and cuddle is in order.  Although Simon is accustomed to people he has a wild instinct that needs to be nurtured and respected.

Besides the luxury and the elephants at Jabulani, one might also have the privilege of meeting them when visiting.

To read more on their release visit this link:

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