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The orphaned baby elephant at HESC is named

By 29th Nov 2016 No Comments

The little orphan baby elephant that our sister  property, HESC, has been taking care of the past week and a half now has a name. We are pleased to introduce you to Shawu.

Mrs Lente Roode has ​named the little elephant after one of the seven bulls which used to roam the Kruger National Park.

Shawu has taken well to his milk and ​is feeding vigorously. They’ve now found a formula which seems to agree with him – Neomino – and the little one goes through 4 tins a day at a cost of approximately R390 per tin. This formula works well for hyper allergic babies.

This is quite an appetite! ​We appeal to our community for help to raise some funds so we can continue to feed the formula to baby Shawu.

Whenever Shawu hears the curators come​ in, he sprints towards them and eagerly takes the bottle, which is a great sign. He is not on solids yet, but we are investigating the possibility. Like all our babies that have been in Lammie’s care, he follows ‘mama Lammie’ everywhere!

Shawu is such a cheerful little elephant. His caregivers take him for walks outside his boma and to the mud pool. He’s fond of all his caregivers (Israel, Joshua, Christo, Linri and of course Lammie).

If you can and would like to make a contribution towards Shawu’s formula, please head on to HESC’s online portal and PayPal. On PayPal, click on ‘send’, add the email address, choose the amount you’d like to contribute and click ‘continue’. Remember to add ‘Shawu’ as reference on both platforms.

Yours in conservation.

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