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The Guernsey lion pride comes to play, by ranger Ruan Roos

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With winter in full swing, morning drives can be quite daunting. Waking up early and facing the cold weather can sometimes be a struggle, but a rewarding experience too – hot water bottles on the laps and snug blankets help! On this morning in question, we headed out to see what the African bush had in store for us…

Soon after departing from the lodge, we got our first reward. We were greeted by the young Guernsey Madoda male lion with his freshly-caught buffalo kill. As the beautiful golden sun rose, great photo opportunities were plentiful. We sat with this young king-to-be for quite a while, as he seemed unconcerned by our presence.

After about an hour we decided to move on, and came across an abundance of giraffe, zebra, impala and even rhinos. As we approached one of the few water holes that haven’t been affected by the drought, we heard some impala vocalising. After sitting for a while, the culprits responsible for the impala’s distressed calls made their appearance… the regal Guernsey lion pride coming out of the thicket for a morning drink.

What a treat it was to view the pride of 11 lions and their cubs. The cool winter breeze added to the cubs’ jolly mood as they entertained us with their antics, even getting their dad join in on the fun. I could not help but notice the smiles on my guests’ faces as they captured the happy lion family in mind and on film. The Guernsey lions had earned their right as the main topic of discussion at the breakfast table.

A game drive to remember!

Ranger Ruan Roos

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