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Elephant Tales

Taking candy from a baby

By 27th Aug 2010 2 Comments

We were out on the morning walk when Klaserie decided to take a short cut through the bush and pick up a snack to enjoy on the way back to the stables.

Unfortunately she made the mistake of cutting in front of Jabulani with her prize.

Not only does he not take kindly to the other elephants walking ahead of him, but he is also jealous of the babies.

Klaserie soon realised her faux pax when he grabbed hold of the branch she was so proudly holding, and snapped it in half. He then resumed his position at the head of the line, leaving a rather surprised Klaserie holding what was left of her snack.

Last night Zindoga (our male baby) was being his usual show off and greedy self with the guests on the evening barn tour.

Now that he is growing up his head doesn’t fit through the bars quite so easily anymore, and so when he tried to pull his head back it got stuck. At least that’s what he thought.

Needless to say the little fellow bellowed so loudly you would have thought someone was standing on his trunk!

The guests just stood and stared as he screamed in their ears.

He only stopped when his mother, Bubi, lay her trunk across his back to let him know that he was okay.

When he finally calmed down he realised that his head had miraculously shrunk, and was once again small enough to get back through the bars.


It’s Zindoga’s birthday next month and we’ll be throwing him a party, so be sure to check back for news and pics!

Until next time,

Iain 😉


  • Beth Vegso says:

    Hello Iain,
    I shall never forget the sound of poor little Zindoga screeching while his head was stuck in the bars! We laugh about it now that we’re home but it was quite alarming at the time! Thanks for the unforgettable memories with the Camp Jabulani elephants!

  • CampJabulani says:

    Hi Beth. I’ll make sure Iain gets your message. I must say we laughed out loud when we read his story. Although that said, I’m sure it must have been quite alarming to have been there when it happened. 😉

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