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Ranger Reflections by Andre de Jager

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The Chase
Ranger, Andre de Jager, decided to share a memorable sighting with us from the past week in this June Ranger Reflections.  His experience made us sit up in our chairs reading this. We hope you enjoy it too:
the chase
During one of the drives, shortly after a few cheetahs have been released from the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, we came across Tinka, the cheetah, relaxing in the open waiting to have her picture taken. Everyone was in high anticipation as she noticed a few warthogs passing by behind her. She followed them around calmly as she closed down the distance between them. Ultimately she initiated the chase and started sprinting after the one warthog.  During this time the whole car went silent as we all were waiting to see the outcome of this “Discovery Wildlife” scene, with the clicks of cameras documenting each step of the way. She gained on the warthog attempting to sink her claws into her next meal.
As she jumped on she soon realized that her eyes were writing checks her body was not able to cash (Yes, queue the Top Gun’s Danger Zone soundtrack).  The warthog soon started to overpower the poor cat and initiated in his own case, this time having the cheetah fleeing the scene as fast as she could.  Overall it was the “attempted catch” to witness! Proving that even if a catch is unsuccessful it is still exciting!

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