Newsletter October 2016

1. Elephant Update
2. Wildlife
3. Cuisine
4. Conservation
5. Our People
6. Guest Feedback
7. Safari Tips
8. Rhino Updates
9. Specials & Promotions

1. Elephant Update

Evolution is not only a part of life, but often very necessary. As a result, we’ve put a lot of thought into the Camp Jabulani Elephant Experience and decided that, from 1 April 2017, the Camp Jabulani Elephant Experience will no longer include elephant-back safaris. Read more


Camp Jabulani MD, Adine Roode, loves observing and spending time with the Camp Jabulani elephant herd whenever she visits the lodge. On one of the days that she was in their company, she noticed Lundi excessively scratching an itch that just did not seem to want to go away. This really caught her attention. Read more


On another occasion, while again spending time with the herd, Adine witnessed Lundi display some bravado as he chased off some buffaloes. Read more


Due to the amount of time Adine spends with the elephants she’s learned a lot about their behaviour. She gave us a glimpse into the elephant world. Read more…


Each of our elephants has a unique personality. We’ve decided to introduce you to these characters, as seen through the eyes of the people who spend the most time with these majestic animals. First we introduced Bubi, read more. Next up was Fishan, read more


We paid homage to Amanzi, an infant elephant that was taken in by Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) after being rescued from a drain. Our elephant grooms played a significant role in the short life of this baby elephant. Read more


2. Wildlife



We’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Guernsey lion pride on a number of occasions over the past few months. We were amazed a few months back when we saw the entire pride of 11, including the young cubs. Read more


Not too long afterwards, we saw the pride again. This time it was feasting on a kill. Read more


Spiders can be a ‘touchy’ subject for some people, but did you know that the African rear-horned baboon spider is a commercially threatened species? Read more


3. Cuisine



Cuisine is an important part of the Camp Jabulani experience. Our chefs shared some recipes from our kitchen that you can try out for yourself at home.


Bobotie – read more


Cape brandy pudding – read more


Beer bread and mango atchaar – read more


4. Conservation


Many people may not be aware of the work that we put into sustaining the wilderness we operate in. Civilisation has, to an extent, cost us a part of our natural environment. As a result, we have been left with the responsibility of not only restoring, but also maintaining the natural balance. Read more


Camp Jabulani recently launched a rhino conservation safari. This exciting offering was developed for guests who want experiential travel, rather than just being an observer. If rhino conservation is an issue close to your heart, then taking part in this programme will sure give you a sense of fulfillment. Read more



5. Our People


Christo and Wilma Rachmann joined us a few months ago as the general management couple. The duo has been doing a stellar job of ensuring that guests have an exceptional experience at Camp Jabulani. Read more


Schalk Human has held several different positions at Camp Jabulani, and is an integral part of our management team due to the knowledge he possesses about Camp Jabulani. Read more


We have started a feature to introduce our followers to the people behind our elephants – the people who have dedicated their lives to caring for our herd. We have: Joshua Dube, a level 4 groom. Read more


Stavros Chakoma, is also a level 4 groom. Read more


6. Guest Feedback

There is nothing more pleasing and fulfilling than getting an exceptional review from our guests’, which gives a first-hand account of their stay at Camp Jabulani. This pat-on-the-back encourages us all to up our game. Read more and some more…



7. Safari Tips


For first-time safari holidaymakers, knowing what items to pack can be tricky. We’ve simplified this and narrowed the list down to pertinent items. Read more


What is a holiday without capturing the memories? We understand that choosing camera equipment can be a challenge, especially if you know nothing about photography but still want amazing pictures. Read more to learn what to look for.


8. Rhino Updates


HESC is always buzzing with activity. In the past few months, they have had their hands even more full when they took in a number of new orphaned rhinos.


On the 13th of April 2016, HESC took acceptance of an approximately 2 week old rhino bull. The tiny baby, named Nhlanhla, was discovered by a field guide on a neighbouring property. His mother was repeatedly pushing him away as he tried to get close to her to suckle. Read more


Nhlanhla’s health has not been great and can be attributed to him never having received colostrum as an infant. In an effort to boost his immunity, he had a plasma transfusion. Read more


Hardly two weeks after Nhlanhla’s arrival, another young rhino calf was brought to the centre. Olivia arrived on the 24th of April as a result of her mother having been savagely mauled by poachers. She was estimated to be about 2 – 3 months old. Read more


Shortly after Olivia’s arrival, another rhino was brought in on the 4th of May. Discovered on a private nature reserve in the vicinity of HESC, this baby rhino was found stuck in mud. He was named Muddy. Unfortunately, we lost Muddy a few weeks later. Read more 


Khulula was the next orphaned rhino to arrive at HESC on the 21st of May. When his mother’s carcass was discovered, there was an entry wound from a large calibre projectile located in her abdomen. Khulula was estimated to be about four months old. Read more


The big brothers of the rhino sanctuary, Gertjie and Matimba, were moved to a new enclosure. Their move was such an event that even Lammie, Nungu and Boo (the donkey) made sure they were not left out. Read more


In early August we gave an update on how all the rhinos were doing. Read more


Philippa had been going through a series of treatment procedures since her arrival in January. In August she had another procedure, which is hoped to be the last. Read more


Rhino cows, Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell, are truly an inspirational story of hope when it comes to the rehabilitation of rhino poaching victims. After everything they have endured we are proud to see their horns regrow. These two rhino cows were dehorned for the second time. Read more…


On the 19th of September HESC took in a rhino bull relocated from the Pilanesberg National Park. This male rhino, named Ike, is a poaching survivor and is estimated to be about 4 years old. Read more


In commemoration of World Rhino Day on the 22nd of September, HESC took the time out to share the journey they have travelled with all their rhinos in the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC sanctuary. Read more



9. Specials & Promotions


Honeymoon Special

  • Spend 3 nights at Camp Jabulani and the bride qualifies for a 50% discount.
  • Constitutes a saving of between R10 800 & R15 675 per person!
  • Valid November to May each year.

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