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From Management


We joined Camp Jabulani in April this year, and it is such a privilege to manage such a unique five-star lodge. There is never a dull moment, given the diversity of people (and animals) that we deal with every day! We are blessed to have inherited an amazing team of staff who are truly passionate about making every guest experience a special one.


Summer is here in the Lowveld. Kapama Game Reserve had optimum breeding conditions last summer, so we are hopeful for a high birth rate among the game species on the reserve.


We saw the new season in with a full refurbishment of the Suites’ decks and plunge pools. We also extended the outdoor dining area by the dining room, and are busy building an outdoor ‘lapa’ area to give us a permanent facility for the wonderful Riverbed Dinners that our guests enjoy so much.


Another important addition has been two brand new Landrover game viewers to ensure our guests’ maximum comfort during drives. The quality of vehicles is a factor that not many people consider when they are booking a safari, but given that most guests spend more time on game drive than in their Suites, comfort is a necessity at this luxury safari camp! Read more about other useful things to consider when planning an African safari in the ‘Out and About’ section below.


We hope to meet you personally, or to welcome your guests to a place we have come to call home.


Kate and Phil


Rangers’ Updates

Our rangers spend most of their days out on the Kapama Reserve, and all share a common passion for the African bush.


Game viewing is one of Camp Jabulani’s distinctive offerings, and visitors can expect the Big Five as well as a plethora of other animals – both large and small – that makes Africa such a standalone wildlife experience.


Ranger Werner Nel shares his insights on how to get the most out of your birding experience.

Read about a Hyena attack in a waterhole.

And learn a bit more about the world’s tallest mammal.



Our Cuisine


We have welcomed a brand new team to our kitchen. They have take over from Chef André and have kept our guests satisfied and delighted with their culinary creations.


In line with the Relais and Chateaux values, we strive to provide an authentic ‘Taste of the Land’ showcasing wonderful local produce and supporting our regional economy. We understand that the gastronomic journey is a vital component of any travel experience, and over recent months have worked hard to develop our menus to offer more choice and variety without compromising on the fine detail.


In advance of the Holiday Season, we thought we would share some of the popular recipes enjoyed by our guests to add a little flavor to your festive tables.


Add a little spice to your life with our Red Cabbage Chutney.


For something a bit more summery, give our Smoked Carpaccio Terrine with Corn Salsa a try.


Chefs Dylan and Ben share five very useful tips for cooking meat.


If you are at a loss as to what to cook, or want to try something new, click here to download a selection of our most popular recipes.



Update on the Gallery


We are extremely proud of our new Gallery, which opened earlier this year. Camp Jabulani’s distinctive décor has been continued through to this delightful and eclectic creative space.


The curio shop stocks high quality handmade African crafts and artwork (contributing to job creation and the local economy), which gives guests the opportunity to purchase standalone mementos of their stay at Camp Jabulani.


The main Gallery area is an inviting and relaxing space for guests to enjoy beautiful local art, with wildlife (in particular, elephants) comprising the main subject matter. Every item in the gallery has been selected with the utmost of care to create a stylish and authentic ambience. A massive TV screen became the focus of attention during the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup and the Ryder Cup – although on a day-to-day basis we tend to find that most of our guests choose to spend most of their time watching ‘The Great Outdoors’. The central gallery can be configured as a luxurious conference room, with full audio visual facilities and air conditioning.


The Wine Cellar is a really special space, showcasing the best of the Cape Wineland region’s produce. Guests can browse at their leisure to make a selection from the newly upgraded selection of fine South African wines. This beautiful room is the perfect venue for a private romantic dinner for two, or for those sharing an intimate meal with family or close friends.



On the Elephant Herd


The Camp Jabulani elephant herd is healthy and well. This has a lot to do with the fact that much of their day is spent in the wild, foraging in the bush – as elephants should. Interactions with people are kept to a mimimum, with short activities early morning and late afternoon. Our model of elephant care (reward and positive incentive) has been lauded as commendable by veterinary and conservation specialists.


Meet a few of our elephants:









Specials and Promotions


We have a few great specials on offer at the moment, including:



  • Guests staying for 3 or more nights qualify for a 50% discount on their last night.
  • Valid 10 January to 15 December each year.

Honeymoon Special:

  • Guests stay for 3 nights and bride gets 50% off on all 3 nights.
  • Valid November to May each year.

Pioneer for Change:

  • Guests stay for 4 nights, volunteer at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre on their last day and spend the 4th night on us!
  • Not valid August, September, October or December.

Read more about a personal account of the extraordinary Pioneer for Change programme here.





Our sister property, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, has been very busy of late.


A tiny orphaned rhino, not even 2 months old, was found next to his butchered mother on 16 November. She had been killed for her horn. Named Matimba (meaning “Strength” in the local Shangaan dialect), this young fighter has beat the odds and is on the road to recovery thanks to the 24/7 care of the HESC team.

Read more about his story here


A happier story has been the full recovery of the two surviving poached rhinos which arrived at The HESC in September 2013. After more than a year of grueling treatments on both rhinos, the tireless efforts of the specialist team have finally paid off.

Read more about this success story here.


The 4th December was International Cheetah Day. Naturally, with cheetah conservation being one of its core focal areas, The HESC joined the global recognition of this vulnerable and magnificent species.

Read more.


Meg and her cubs have been a source of great comfort and joy for many around the world since they were born (captured on Livecam) earlier this year. They were moved to a new enclosure as the cubs have grown, and are no longer on the Livecam.

Read more about the move.



Out and About

We recently launched our brand new website, and are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. We hope that our guests find the journey through the site a simple one, and that our imagery goes some way towards portraying what the experience is all about. We also have online availability, easily accessible on every page of the website.


Do you have feedback? We would love to hear it.
Send an email to


Have a look at the new video clips we have had produced of the elements of the Camp Jabulani experience:

No Ordinary Lodge

A day in the life of a guest at Camp Jabulani

The Camp Jabulani Elephants


Two young serval kittens were released at Camp Jabulani. Read more about Schalk and Loula’s journey to freedom here.


We share with you a glimpse of the month of November at Camp Jabulani, as shared on our Facebook page (remember to like us if you want to be kept up to date on news, pics and general stories).


Kate shares with us a few really useful tips to consider when planning a safari


Many will have heard of the power issues we are facing in South Africa at the moment. Camp Jabulani has a generator which automatically cuts in after 3-4 seconds of power outage, and can run everything normally including air-conditioning. We are fully prepared for the rolling blackouts and can assure agents and guests that there will be no disruption to the service that we are able to provide during this time