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Celebrating 10 years!
A Word from Management
Introducing Mari
Boma opening
An update on our elephants
An extraordinary African experience
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Is the Big 5 overrated?
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Celebrating 10 years!

Wow. We turn 10 this year! One full decade lies behind us, and what a journey it has been.


We thought this would be an opportune time to reflect on the 10 top reasons we are grateful.

    • That we (and YOU) have managed to sustain the herd of Camp Jabulani elephants for 10 years.
    • For the grooms who dedicate their lives to taking care of the elephants, and for loving them like children.
    • That we have managed to establish our lodge on the South African tourism map.
    • That we have made friends and established valuable ties with wonderful people around the world.
    • That we have had the opportunity to support, through our clients, the work done by the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.
    • For our impeccable team of people, both on the ground and within our administrative centre.
    • For the guests who arrive, day in and day out, and who entrust us with the immense responsibility of making their dreams come true. We are truly enriched, in some way, by every person that visits.
    • That we have had the privilege of being a part of the process of personal development of a number of our team members. Watching a person grow and shine is a special kind of gift.
    • That we get to make people happy, pretty much all the time!
    • That we have another ten years ahead of us, to learn, grow and navigate the way together.

We’d like to say THANK YOU!

As a token of our appreciation for your support, and for helping us to keep this elephant herd alive, happy and healthy, we’d like to give you one night at Camp Jabulani! Spend just two nights with us, and we’ll throw in the third one ON US!
Conditions: Valid 16 April 2015 – 1 April 2016 (excluding June, July, August and 15 December to 15 January)


Click here to reserve your space, or enquire.


A Word from Management



We are proud to report that we have recently passed our inspections with the Tourism Grading Council (retaining our 5* status), and Relais and Chateaux with flying colours. Both inspectors were very impressed with the upgrades and improvements to facilities that have been implemented over the past 12 months. What has thrilled us even more is that our guests have given us nothing less than 100% on Trip Advisor, which is a huge testament to the consistency of service carried out by our wonderful team day in and day out.


We thank you, our clients and partners in tourism, for your continued support of Camp Jabulani and our ongoing conservation initiatives.


We are so blessed to do what we love in an environment like this!


Introducing Mari


With the new business structure of the companies, Mari was promoted to Marketing Manager for Camp Jabulani and the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. Says Adine Roode, “I am extremely proud of Mari. She is such a hard worker and although I will miss her as my right hand, I am sure she will add more value to the business in this capacity”.


Click here to read more about this dynamic young lady who many will already have met …


Boma Opening


We are proud to announce the opening of a beautiful new outdoor dining facility. Situated on the edge of a tranquil water hole, the boma allows guests to experience a magical ambience of stars, lanterns and bonfires.


Diners will have the opportunity to taste an authentic South African menu designed using fresh local produce and cooked on open fires. The facility can also be booked for elegant private dinners where couples can enjoy the romantic moonlight reflecting in the water and perhaps be serenaded by the distant call of a lion.



An update on the Camp Jabulani elephant herd


Our elephants herd is healthy and happy.


The elephants are checked on regularly by our vet, an independent expert and The SPCA and all have reported very positively as to their health and the way that their welfare continues to be managed.


We are investing heavily in expanding the stables area this year so that all of the elephants have more freedom at night and can interact with each other more. Of course, during the day they will continue to spend as much time as possible roaming the 16,000ha Kapama Game Reserve in the most natural way possible.


We’d like you to get to know Lundi a little better in this edition of our news.


Elephant manager Tigere is one of Lundi’s biggest fans and says “Lundi is destined to be one of the greatest elephants that ever lived. She’s very affectionate and usually shows appreciation by hugging you with her massive heavy trunk”. …. Read more



An extraordinary African experience


One of the interesting trends that we have noticed over the last year is that our returning guests stay much longer than our first time guests. Quite apart from the unique elephant interactions, there is simply so much to do while based at Camp Jabulani – including wonderful game drives, bush walks and visits to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species centre.


We are supporting this client-driven push for extended stays by offering preferential rates and are also busy developing additional extraordinary experiences including helicopter rides, golf excursions and trips to the nearby Drakensberg mountains so that guests need look no further for their South African bush and safari venue.


Promotions & Specials


We have launched a number of exciting promotions and specials, and have listed them below for your convenience.


  • Valid 10 January to 15 December each year.

Read more (download PDF)



  • Guests staying for 3 or more nights qualify for a 50% discount on their last night.
  • Constitutes a saving of between R3 600 & R5 225 per person!
  • Valid 10 January to 15 December each year.

Download 2015 Special

Download 2016 Special



  • Pay for three nights at Camp Jabulani and get the fourth night for free.
  • Constitutes a saving of between R7 200 & R10 450 per person!
  • Valid 10 January to 15 December each year.

Download 2015 Special

Download 2016 Special



  • Guests stay for 4 nights, volunteer at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre on their last day and spend the 4th night complimentary.
  • Constitutes a saving of between R7 200 & R10 450 per person!
  • Not valid August, September, October or December.

Download 2015 Special

Download 2016 Special



  • Guests stay for 3 nights and bride gets 50% off on all 3 nights
  • Constitutes a saving of between R10 800 & R15 675 per person!
  • Valid November to May each year.

Download 2015 Special

Download 2016 Special



News from Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC)


It’s been a very busy few months for the team at The HESC.


Young rhinos are a handful, and the two orphaned baby rhinos – Gertjie and Matimba – have kept the curators busy. They are literally front-loading at the moment, and their respective frames are expanding very nicely. Click here to read more about their progress.


Lions Den, the surviving poached rhino, underwent another treatment of her wound. It has been a very long road, but we remain hopeful that she will make a full recovery soon. Read more.


We bring you an update on the cheetahs released on Kapama Game Reserve and on Makutsi Game Reserve. Click here to read more.


The 28th March saw the Mt. Sheba to HESC @ Kapama Mountain Bike Challenge. All proceeds raised went towards the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC facility. Click here to read more.


In partnership with Africam, The Eyes on Rhinos Campaign has just been launched. Africam are streaming live web footage of Gertjie and Matimbathrough their live cam, and we will hopefully raise awareness of the need to protect these youngsters by upgrading their security system. Click here to check in on the youngsters.
We have also launched our ONE HUNDRED CHALLENGE – Click here to access the only donations platform, where as little as R100 (less than Euro 10/ US$ 10/ GBP 6) will move towards a state of the art camera system.



From our kitchen


The chefs in our kitchen have been whipping up some real treats!


Amarula Gold Poached Pear and Jelly


Late summer in the Lowveld means that the fruit of the Marula tree ripens. It is a great favourite with many animals, including our elephants. Our youngest baby Mambo races out each morning to hoover up the fallen fruits before the monkeys can get their paws on them…

Read more…


Is the Big 5 overrated?


Modern day safari encounters are (or should be) about conservation through education. There is definitely a thrill in seeking certain species to tick off, so rather let’s create lists about those animals that are relevant to today’s safari visitor.


Click here to read more about other species that will make your game drive viewing an absolute pleasure.



Glimpse of December in pics


December was an extraordinary month for Camp Jabulani, with some incredible cat sightings, special seasonal celebrations, and the opening of our brand new outdoor dining facility.


Here are a selection of our most treasured moments.



Glimpse of January in pics


As usual, the sightings at Camp Jabulani are nothing short of magnificent!


Click here for some of the incredible pictures taken at and around the lodge during the month of January…..



Glimpse of February in pics

February is the month of love – a theme that comes through strongly in this month’s photos…..


Click here to take a look at the gorgeous pictures that we shared over the course of the month.



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