New saddles for the elephants

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Camp Jabulani - Tigere Matipedza

Tigere Matipedza with the saddles he’s made

Camp Jabulani has taken luxury elephant back safaris to a whole new level with their newly designed, custom-made saddles. Created by Tigere Matipedza, these über-comfortable works of art take two weeks to make. Each one is carefully created on site to fit the shape and form of the individual, because there’s no such thing as “off the rack” for our elephants!

“We take the exact measurements of each elephant and adjust the saddles according to their growth. Doing this ensures both elephant and passenger the utmost comfort. The saddles are like carefully created Savile Row tailored suits, each one is absolutely unique,” says Adine Roode.

The design of the saddles has taken years to perfect. Finding the right type of foam, the correct stitching, fabric that is durable yet comfortable on the skin, as well as fine tuning the actual cut and shape. As the elephants grow, new saddles have to be made. This means the workshop is constantly in production at Camp Jabulani.

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