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Mopane recieves blood from Setombe at HESC

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Last week the team from the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, needed some assistance from the Jabulani herd. They required blood from an adult elephant, for a blood transfusion for Mopane, an orphaned elephant in their care at the centre.

Mopane with Joshua at HESC.

Mopane has been in the care of HESC since December 2017. He has been in good health, but recently showed signs of listlessness and loss of appetite. Tests were carried out by wildlife vet Dr Peter Rogers, (who has worked with our herd for many years), and the tests revealed a low albumin level in Mopane’s blood.

Setombe gives blood.

On the 17th October Setombe, one of our older females in the herd, was sedated with BAM, which is a light sedative, that allows for her to keep standing whilst sedated.

Safari manager Schalk assists

Dr Rogers and the rest of the team were then able to continue with the blood transfusion for Mopane, which up to now, seems to have been a success. You can read about the full process with Mopane HERE

Adine Roode with Setombe during the process

The unique history and social structure of the Jabulani herd, continues to present solutions to various challenges presented by orphaned elephant calves, that would not be possible with a wild herd.  We are fortunate to have been able to assist with a solution for the treatment of Mopane very quickly too, which is also a great advantage when it comes to the care of young elephants, who are extremely delicate to hand rear.

Adine soothing Mopane during the transfusion at HESC.

We hope to see a great improvement in his health soon.

The Jabulani Team.

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