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From our guestsJabulani Herd

Sebakwe, the Centre of our Home, by Julia & Marc Schachner

By 12th Feb 2016 No Comments

We were delighted to receive this letter from former guests Julia and Marc Schachner, who visited Camp Jabulani in January 2015 and formed a special connection with our famous Sebakwe.

“In January 2015 we visited Camp Jabulani and were blown away from the moment we entered the lodge, by not only the camp and its facilities, but the engaging story behind it all.

We couldn´t wait to meet the Camp Jabulani elephant herd. Just watching them swim and play was amazing. We got the pleasure of going on the elephant back safari and it was there that we met Sebakwe. This majestic creature touched our lives. We were told that Sebakwe is the elephant on the Amarula bottle, which we always have in our bar at home. We felt a connection with Sebakwe.

After our stay at Camp Jabulani we were in Franschhoek when my husband Marc saw an interesting gallery that we had to investigate. There we met the artist Junaid Senekal. We are not usually art people, but his art seemed to captivate us in some way, and so the idea to have him paint Sebakwe was born.

We wanted the painting to hang in the hallway of our apartment, and to make it look as if Sebakwe is walking towards you. It had to be big enough to make it look authentic, so we went for 170cmx100cm.

The anticipation of our painting arriving in Austria was almost too much to bear. But finally the masterpiece arrived and is now hanging in the hallway. Sebakwe is looking at me right now as I write this.

Since our last visit to Camp Jabulani my mother and sister have been to visit Sebakwe because of the beauty of the painting, and we have even been lucky enough to visit again in January.

We truly believe this is not the end of our story with the Camp Jabulani Elephant herd and Sebakwe…”

Julia & Marc Schachner

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