The Camp Jabulani Therapy Lapa gets an upgrade

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Camp Jabulani’s Therapy Lapa (a.k.a spa) is tucked into the dense natural foliage of the reserve. Secluded and located a distance from the suites and other facilities, it offers a quiet oasis for a relaxing or rejuvenating treatment that will provide sensory bliss and a unique aromatic wellbeing – the latter both from the products and the fragrance of the surrounding African bush.

The small but well equipped Lapa was recently upgraded and reflects the classic and elegant finishes characteristic of all the lodge facilities. Attention to detail is typical of Camp Jabulani standards, and clients only make themselves comfortable on the new treatment beds after having admired each and every small detail: the way the muted colours of the furnishings and fittings blend with the bush beyond, the beautifully set basin in an old weathered tree trunk and the shower head mounted on a dry tree branch in the outdoor shower alongside the treatment area.

Music in the spa is that provided by mother nature: the call of the go-away bird, the ever present chirping of sunbirds and the distant song of the emerald-spotted wood dove. Only occasionally is one’s privacy interrupted by a curious little duiker or birds that fly right into the lapa. Once a tortoise even came to pay his respects.

The spa therapist is trained to international standards but ensures that the ambience and spa experience is thoroughly African. Therapies available include body treatments, body wraps and exfoliation, skin care treatments and hand and foot treatments. For a detailed list of treatments click here for a downloadable brochure.

Treatments may also be enjoyed in the privacy of one’s own suite and in winter they are often given in front of a blazing fire.

In keeping with Camp Jabulani’s emphasis on and support of local products, the South African TheraNaka™ range of products is used for body treatments. Described as the perfect balance between the scents and herbs of Africa and the traditional rituals of its ancient inhabitants, the range is ideal for use at Camp Jabulani. The sister brand TheraVine™ is used for skincare treatments.

The products do not contain harmful alcohols, artificial fragrances, colourants, harmful petrochemicals or mineral oils and they have not been tested on animals. Products can be purchased in the curio shop.

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