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Camp Jabulani launches rhino conservation safari

By 13th May 2016 No Comments

Camp Jabulani, located within the Kapama Private Game Reserve in Hoedspruit in the greater Kruger area, has launched a rhino conservation safari during which participants assist a veterinary specialist with the tracking and chipping of a rhino.

Developed to offer a unique insight into the white rhino and its behavioural patterns, the safari offers guests the rare opportunity of becoming involved in the preservation of this iconic species, while highlighting the conservation work being done at Kapama and the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.

Adine Roode, owner and managing director of Camp Jabulani says the safari was developed in response to the increasing trend of visitors requesting experiential travel, wanting to be involved rather than simply to observe and wanting particularly to experience and participate in conservation activities.

“The leaning towards the experiential provides an excellent opportunity to foster broader awareness and bring about greater public support of vital conservation and environmental issues,” she says.

During the three-night, four-day programme a group of minimum two and maximum ten guests will accompany an allocated ranger to explore the reserve and track the rhino. Prior to venturing out, guests will undergo a comprehensive briefing and be given specific tasks.

The group will set off in a helicopter to dart the targeted white rhino. Once the rhino is darted and sedated, the participants will join the specialist ranger team on the ground and assist with administering the necessary medication, taking measurements for scientific and medical purposes and monitoring the animal. They will also witness the insertion of a microchip in the horn and the ear-notching procedure for future identification, both tasks being vital for the preservation of the rhino.

This programme is available all year round, but the cooler winter season from May to September is considered the best time.

The commitment of Lente Roode to rescuing and providing a safe haven for orphaned, injured and vulnerable animal species at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre resulted in the conceptualisation and creation of Camp Jabulani, now a five-star Relais & Chateaux accredited lodge. The lodge was developed with the sole purpose of supporting a herd of elephants rescued from Zimbabwe.

For further information go to www.jabulanisafaris.com

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