Camp Jabulani & HESC visit Lumukisa Preparatory School

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We teamed up with our sister property, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) for a trip to Lumukisa Preparatory School for some wildlife education.
When we got to the school we found the Grade 4 learners eagerly awaiting our arrival. Thanks to Camp Jabulani guests who bring school supplies through the Pack for a Purpose initiative, we were able to hand over items such as pens, pencils and journals to learners in need.


Part of this educational involved some entertainment to make the learning more fun. Herman from HESC brought along his guitar and began to teach the learners a song that celebrates rhinos.

They began to sing, louder and louder; “Mr Rhino, everybody knows, has one tail, 4 feet, 12 toes… Mr. Rhino, look what grows, two big horns on the tip of your nose!”
As they came to the last verse of the tune, Herman asked them if they had ever seen a rhino before. Almost all the learners shook their heads “no”, and as they did, student researcher Chloe, dressed in a big rhino suit, came bursting out of the closet on the side of the school yard and ran straight to the learners to join in on the singing. The whole group sang the last verse together as loud as they could for the whole world to hear!



We ended the day by sharing with the learners why rhinos are not only great and should be protected, but why elephants should be treasured too! The learners let out a final cheer of “Save our Rhinos! Save our elephants!” and everyone erupted with thunderous applause. We then handed out little snack bags and cool drinks to everyone. The learners were incredibly grateful to the two teams, and we are already looking forward to visiting next time!

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