Update on Injured Elephant Bull, Fishan

by jabulani

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Three months ago, Fishan, one of the oldest elephant bulls in the herd, fractured his lower ulna bone in his front left leg, when he accidentally stepped into a hole.

After two separate treatments on his leg, it was decided a month ago, to try let his leg heal naturally, and monitor his progress. Fortunately, Fishan has been walking very small distances, and is slowly applying more pressure on his leg over time.

The rest of the herd head out into the wild every day from morning to evening, and Fishan has had to remain at the stables in the company of our carers, who have been incredibly patient and considerate to his situation at all times. They continue to read to him throughout the day.

We recently started leaving the gates of the stables open, and since then has often walked up until the gate, where he would then turn, and return to the stables. However, the last two days he has moved further out into the open ground just outside the stables (which you can see in this video). This is good progress.

His appetite remains healthy, and he is enjoying a good selection of vegetables (including whole butternuts as seen in the video), branches, lucerne and bana grass. He is also receiving extra calcium and magnesium supplements.

The leg is still swollen, though it has reduced minimally. The extreme heat temperatures over the past couple of weeks has not helped.

Overall, he has shown some positive progress, especially with his mobility, which is one of the most important factors at the moment.

Thank to everyone for their love and support for Fishan.

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