Ranger Reflections – July 2018 Ruan Roos

by jabulani


Jabulani Ranger, Ruan Roos shares his favourite moments.

As guides, we get to spend a lot of our time in the bush and therefore experience amazing events on a daily basis.

With so many photo opportunities, guests often ask how many photos I have. The truth is I have thousands, making it very difficult to narrow my choice to a selected few as each photo is exceptional in its own way.

I eventually decided to submit this choice of images as my contribution to Ranger Reflections.

Pangolin portrait
Mtimba – Verreaux’s Eagle Owl
Curious Hyena Cub
Another Incredible Sunset at Camp Jabulani
Moria pride’s new lion cub
One of our magnificent Kapama elephant bulls
Winter makes for excellent photo opportunities: here we see one of the Hoedspruit male lions in the mist of a cool morning.
The Hoedspruit male a little later in the day
The Nganakati female is one of our most relaxed leopardesses on the reserve. She is truly incredible and clearly loves posing.
Our latest addition to the hyena den. Too cute.

We never know what we will see next, each day we go to work, and that really motivates me. Especially when sharing these experiences with guests that love nature as much as I do!

Ruan Roos