Ranger Cam Episode #2 | A New Wildlife Week at Jabulani

by jabulani

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Jabulani Rangers Juan and Reece captured a new week of wild wonders out in the reserve! Take a look at the impressive and extensive buffalo herd we’ve had the pleasure of coming across on a few game drives, as well as intimate interactions between a female leopard trying to get the attention of her male companion. Look how big the seven newest lion cubs have grown as they walk with their pride past the vehicle on a windy and drizzly day.

The odd bout of rain has started to fall and promises plenty of new green vegetation across the reserve for the animals to feed from.

Watch a remarkable moment as two white rhinos cross our path and a fleeting moment as a wild dog leaps across the dirt road!

Our Rangers’ number one job is giving guests an attentive, engaging, soulful and respectful wildlife experience and when they are able to they capture a few clips for us on camera to share with you all!

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