Precious Moments with the Babies of the Wild Elephant Herd – Ruan’s Ranger Reflections

by jabulani

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Away with the Wild Elephants

Jabulani Ranger, Ruan Roos recently spent some time watching and photographing the wild elephant herd in our reserve and captured these beautiful moments and insights for us to share with you…

“The wild elephants in the reserve are split up into two main groups and there is a third group of bulls. The smallest calf in the wild herd is less than two weeks old. Overall, the wild herds consist of about 55-60 elephants. There is a group of youngsters ranging from 2 weeks to 3 years of age.” – Ruan Roos

“The young baby was still very wonky on its feet, when I photographed them. From a very young age they start wrestling and building strength, which is so fascinating and endearing to watch and witness.”

“The younger elephants in the wild herd have been spotted more frequently lately and the youngest one is getting more and more used to our presence in the safari vehicle.”

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All images Copyright of Ruan Roos & Jabulani Safari

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