Mambo goes missing!

by jabulani

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Our followers will know that Mambo is by far the most adventurous, curious and often the most headstrong of the Jabulani herd elephants too.

Last week Mambo decided to chase after the wild herd of elephants on Kapama, after hearing them trumpeting. A few of the herd chased after him but soon returned.

On occasion members of the Jabulani herd do wander off for some time, but often return within a day or so. However, Mambo disappeared for three days, which was peculiar behaviour, and there was no sign of him with the wild herd either. He is still a young bull, just 11 years old, and often a bit too confident, and we felt sure that he had perhaps gotten himself a bit lost.

Our elephant care team managed to track him down using pictures of his spoor (footprints), and finally Owen and Last found Mambo quite far south of the reserve, and a far distance from where he had originally run from.

Last said his reaction was priceless when he heard their voices he was so happy and joyful and showed such relief in seeing them. After a few moments of catching up, Tigere and Samson joined Last and Owen and they all set foot back home towards the rest of the herd.

As they approached the stables Mambo ran towards his herd, and they ran towards him, it was a special moment, but it was too dark to capture on video.

The next morning, Owen said that Lundi, Mambo’s mom, gave him a bit of telling off with her trunk, hitting him with it. We wish we had seen that for ourselves!

We are glad Mambo is safe and sound, though we are sure his ego is a little bruised with the wild herd not being too interested in his presence!

Tigere and Last gave a detailed explanation of the events to Adine during elephant swim yesterday!


  1. Loved the Adventure of lost and found! I bet there a many stories the team have of these precious animals . Thank you!

  2. I just happened upon your wonderful videos on True Tube, I could not get enough of watching your wonderful Elephants. The Elephant is one of my most favorite animal. They are extremely intelligent. Even the Asian Elephant can paint pictures even better then I could. I was amazed at one of your bull Elephants pushing a tree over which blocked the road and then he walked around it and finally came back and pushed it off the road. I live in the Pacific Northwest in the U.S. I am legally an American Indian . I have been around wild life all my life. Today I turned 81 years old. and even though I am disabled I still earn a living. All animals take to me and trust me which probably has a lot to do with God the almighty creator of everything. God had made one of His Servants and Prophets as it says in Revelation 10: 7. I am also an animals rights person and have given to many organizations. I was wondering do you solicit donations? I had a had time finding your website so perhaps you could email me at if you have the time. If I were much younger you would have seen me a long time ago in person. I have never been to Africa but have been almost every place between Mongolia and Tasmania and all over the Pacific from the Arctic to New Zealand.. Please reply thank you and may God bless you as He has done me. Jerry Davis

  3. Thank heaven that Mambo was found! Here’s to the dedication and skills of Tigere & the Jabulani Carers for bringing Mambo home.
    Hopefully the trunk-thumping by Lundi (Mom) gave Mamvo something to think about….
    No more chasing the wild herd! 🐘🐘🐘

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