The Jabulani Kitchen – Stefan’s Famous Eggnog Recipe

by jabulani

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A South African Christmas experience is somewhat different to that of a European or American Christmas, for example,  in the Northern Hemisphere, December is often one of the hottest months of the year, and as South Africans prepare for Christmas day in short sleeves, shorts, and costumes, many other parts of the world are donning their thickest jackets and heaviest boots.

Gluhwein is replaced with chilled champagne or ice cold beers, and for some households, hot dishes are often replaced with cold dishes. However, at Jabulani, we like to combine the best of both worlds for our special guests!

On that note, we share with you our General Manager, Stefan Du Toit’s famous Eggnog recipe, with a delightful South African twist. May your festive season be made all the more joyful with this delicious Eggnog recipe !

Shared with love,

The Jabulani Team

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