Elephant bulls, Sebakwe & Mambo spar and splash in the waterhole

by jabulanisafari

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Dominant bull, Sebakwe thrives in the water! He loves nothing more than splashing and thrashing about vigorously in the cool dam alone or with a good sparring partner. Sometimes this partner is a big log and sometimes it’s Mambo! Younger bull, Mambo engages in Sebakwe’s challenges because he too loves to spar and jostle and burn off some of that elephant bull energy. Mambo is growing as a bull and challenging others helps him to assert himself, show off his strength, and build his confidence and status. Mambo doesn’t only spar with the bulls (like Zindoga) but cows (female elephants) too – such as Limpopo and Setombe. The bulls take their game all the way into the depth of the waterhole, causing quite a stir in the process!

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