A Jabulani Photographic Safari Series ~ with Klaus Möller

by jabulani

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Photographer Klaus Möller joined us in 2019 and 2020 for a Jabulani photographic safari with workshop leader, Marion Volborn. Klaus’ images of his adventures with us are full of the variety and vividness of the African wilderness and the idiosyncrasies of the Animal Kingdom. They take us right back to those dawn and dusk game drives, with the big cats and big herds that bring us back to earth and ourselves in a mere flick of the tail, flap of the ear and stamp of the feet. Here is a look at our favourite’s from Klaus’ 2019 collection!

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The Elephants at Jabulani

When we say that elephants are extremely social and gregarious animals, we mean it… This wild herd enjoyed some playful bonding.
A wild herd in the reserve…
Solo mud wrestling, a favourite elephant past-time.
Big and beautiful
Heading home after a day of foraging and roaming in the expansive reserve, from sunrise to set – this is the Jabulani herd – a unique family of orphans and their young, who continue to adopt new orphans into their herd, through the care of Jabulani and HERD.
Elephants are natural water lovers. Some more than others… This is Bubi, from the Jabulani Herd.

The Big Cats

Leafy lie-downs for little leopards.
Male lions roam past the Jabulani sundowner dam, close to the elephant stables.
Brotherly bonds.
Taking care of business….
Tracking the pride, from golden hour to nightfall.


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