10 Beautiful Scenes from a Photographic Safari at Jabulani, South Africa

by jabulani

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A Camaraderie of Cameras

A group of travellers (a herd, a flock, a dazzle?) visited our lodge last year and early this year for a special photographic safari with Photographer and Workshop Leader, Marion Vollborn. Called by their mutual passion for the wilderness, wildlife and photography, they captured some beautiful moments of safari life at Jabulani on camera. Scenes that remind us of the joy and beauty of being in a game vehicle, camera propped and eyes scanning the environment for the great elephants and birds and big cats that need our respect and protection.

Marion and the team spent seven nights at the lodge, with Marion providing photographic guidance, “making sure that all the photographers had the right perspective on the subject and giving them tips on exposure and focal length or detail,” Marion explains. During the workshop, she also gives reviews to each photographer on their photography. All in the name of growth, learning and art!

Here are a few moments from their Jabulani Photographic Safari

Image by Ursula Bösch


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