An unusual nocturnal visitor

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On the way back to camp, my guests and I came across a buffalo cow in the middle of a waterhole while two lionesses watched and waited eagerly on the bank These are moments that most people will never experience.

Late last night we heard the sudden and eerie sound of jackals yelping. This went on for a long time, which was a clear indication of something worrying them. We decided to investigate. We must have looked a sight, creeping outside in our pyjamas and dressing gowns!

As we shone our torch into the veld, you can imagine our surprise when we caught a glimpse of a male leopard resting on a tree branch about 10 metres away. He frequents our area and is often heard, but seldom seen. He glanced across casually, jumped off the tree and wandered off into the bushes occasionally grunting and growling. The jackals quietly followed in his wake, clearly keeping a close eye on their adversary and expressing their displeasure at his presence in their space. This Kapama Game Reserve leopard, on the other hand, was utterly unperturbed.

We listened for a while longer before heading off to bed, completely satisfied to have ended our day on such an outstanding note.

Just another day in Africa!

John and Babs Lawrence
General Managers

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