After dark at Camp Jabulani

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From time to time South Africa’s energy supplier, Eskom, introduces a series of rolling blackouts (where power is switched off in pre-defined areas) in order to meet electricity demand. Our guests need not worry about this affecting their stay with us. Jabulani Safari Lodge has a generator which automatically cuts in after 3-4 seconds of power outage, and can run all electrical functions normally, including airconditioning.

We can assure agents and guests that there will be no disruption to the service that we are able to provide during these times. However, for those who prefer to embrace the darkness, here are our top 5 ideas for enjoying the magic of the African night while staying at Jabulani.

1. Night time elephant back safari. Experience the unique thrill quietly walking through a Big 5 reserve after sunset while saddled on the back of our resident ellies.

2. A boma dinner with bonfires, lanterns and the moonlight reflecting on the water of the lake flanking the lodge.

3. Star-gazing with your ranger to learn about the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere.

4. A private candlelight dinner on the deck of your suite.

5. A night game drive looking for nocturnal animals such as civet, bush babies, hyena and – of course – the ultimate (and typically elusive) cat … the leopard.

At Jabulani night time is spectacular – with or without power!

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