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By 15th Jan 2015 One Comment

We have just received our milestone 100th review on Trip Advisor and wanted to celebrate some of our favourite comments and photographs posted by our guests with you. Many thanks to all who have helped to support us by sharing their insights and experiences.

Every single guest who posted a review last year gave us 5 stars. We work hard to consistently exceed expectations, so it is really motivational to hear from guests how much they enjoyed their time with us at  Jabulani.

Here are a few of our favourites…


“Because we had our own private vehicle and guide, we could and did sit at sightings for as long as we wanted. As a result, we saw a lot of animal interactions and behavioural changes that made photographing the animals and scenery so much more rewarding and fun. We watched 3 female lions attempt a kill of a baby buffalo, but that mama buffalo put up the fight of her life to save her young. We watched a month old zebra figure out how to manoeuver its legs and interact with the herd. We watched Susan, one of HESC’s most recently released back to the wild cheetahs, with her impala kill. We witnessed these and many more interesting and educational animal experiences that make being on safari so special. Our guide asked us what was important to us at our arrival, he listened and he accommodated our interests and wishes.”


“I will never forget stopping for sundowners at the “water hole” as the sun set, with the Drakensberg in the background and the giraffe coming up for a drink, while the local lion roared his approval.”


“Twice we visited the water hole where the elephant herd is allowed to freely play in the water and were amazed at their antics.”


“Being on top of the magnificent animals looking down on the world, but still knowing that the elephants were in charge and happy was incredible.”

“Basically all the elephants were orphans (including Jabulani after whom the camp is named), injured or born at the Camp and whilst they did the safaris and had handlers (who really love and care for them and NEVER use force) led by Tiger, they are free to roam where they want most of the day.”


“Highlight next day (and for me on the trip) was the visit to the Jabulani owned Endangered Species Center where they are caring for injured and endangered animals to return to the wild.”

“We also had unique access to and a private tour of the cheetah rescue facility with an ability to interact with adult cheetahs.”


“WOW!! The suites are fabulous, each with their own plunge pool which we used on several occasions. The suites are large, exude luxury all the way and are very private. The housekeeping staff are wonderful and ensure you have everything you need in your room. Beds are very comfortable.”


“The food warrants a whole rating of its own! Undoubtedly the best food I’ve ever had in a lodge. The chef and his team clearly cook with great passion, making croissants and ice cream from scratch, using only the freshest and best ingredients, and preparing inventive, tasty meals with such an eye for presentation that you can’t wait to see what comes next. And with all of that, the portions are just enough to satisfy but not so much that you’re tempted to overeat. I would go back to Camp J just for the food! Well done Adine and Lente, for sure a lodge that deserves the Relais & Chateaux label!”


“Camp Jabulani simply the very best luxury safari experience in the world. The superb accommodation, the excellent food, the unforgettable animal experience and the generosity of spirit of all the staff make up for a truly magical life changing experience.”

“What we really loved here at Camp Jabulani was the flexibility – being able to choose our times for meals and departures for game viewing, and being able to sit for as long as we wanted to observe the animals in their habitats.”

“My husband and I travel to South Africa every year and have visited many game reserves and I can tell you that Camp Jabulani is by far the best one we have experienced.”

“It doesn’t get any better than this. From the time you are greeted you are taken care of with warmth, professionalism, and graciousness that left me in tears when I said goodbye to the staff!”

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