A tribute to the HESC & their rehabilitation of 2 poached rhinos

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We have the distinct privilege of being able to appreciate the sight of rhinos in their natural habitat every day. Over the last three months, this appreciation has increased exponentially!

On Friday the 30th of August, a ranger radioed the head of the anti poaching unit on an unnamed reserve to advise them that he had spotted a rhino without a horn. The unit stepped in immediately, and found that 3 rhinos had been darted by poachers. Their horns had been neatly cut off with a chain-saw, exposing the animals’ sinus canals. Miraculously, although one bull was killed, the remaining two cows survived.

On Tuesday the 4th September, the two rhinos were moved to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) so that an expert team could keep a close eye on them, assist with the treatment procedures, and reduce costs in helicopter fees which would have been required to conduct aerial searches for them.

It has been a grueling 3 months, but thankfully the animals seem to be making good progress. For those of you who have not been following their story, we thought we would share it with you, along with updates as posted by the HESC. Please note, some images may upset sensitive viewers.

The rhinos arrive at the HESC

Update #1 (10 October 2013)

Update #2 (24 October 2013)

Update #3 (12 November 2013)

Update #4 (22 November 2013)

Update #5 (26 November 2013)

We are so grateful to the HESC for all that they do to ensure the survival of vulnerable and endangered animal species. After all, were it not for them we would not be here!

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