A glimpse of January at Camp Jabulani

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Elephants Kapama Game Reserve


As usual the sightings at Camp Jabulani are nothing short of magnificent! Here are some of the incredible pictures taken at and around the lodge during the month of January.

“Our roots say we’re sisters, our hearts say we’re friends”. ~Author Unknown

Lions Kapama Reserve


Did you know that there is no difference in skin colour between the black and white rhino? The white rhino is thought to get its name from the Dutch word ‘wijde’, referring to its wide flattened lips. This lovely photo shows a bull rhino demonstrating a ‘flehmen grimace’ as he picks up the scent of a female.

White Rhino Kapama


Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon’s stroll with your loved ones… Tigere and Jabulani at peace with the world.

Elephant Herd Camp Jabulani


The mantis was considered a god in traditional African Khoi and San cultures. The word ‘Mantis’ is also the Greek word for prophet, or seer.

Insects Kapama Game Reserve


Hunting under a blood-red sky, a lioness is silhouetted against the watering hole by the stables. Great shot Chane!

Lions Camp Jabulani


The trill call of the Woodland Kingfisher is one of the iconic sounds of summer in the lowveld. We have been enjoying the antics of the resident pair in the camp.

Birds Kapama Game Reserve


The perfect end to another perfect day at Camp Jabulani.


Head Chef Dylan serves up a sumptuous breakfast in the bush.

Cuisine Camp Jabulani


Pound for pound the web of the Golden Orb spider is stronger than steel or Kevlar and can even trap small birds. There is a theory that if it were possible to weave a line of the silk to the thickness of a small pencil, it would be able to withstand and repel a 747 jumbo jet at maximum speed.

Insects Kapama Game Reserve


A lion’s tongue is as rough as sandpaper. It is covered in tiny spikes which face backwards, used to scrape meat from bones and dirt from fur. If a lion licked the back of your hand only a few times, you would be left without any skin!

Lions Camp Jabulani


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